Hi heavy music lover!

Welcome to the Nordic Metal Cruise 04-05.9.2021.

Here are a few additional tips that we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with before the cruise.

The safety of our passengers is very important to us. That’s why on this cruise it’s mandatory to wear a mask during all the gigs at Club Vogue. In addition, we recommend the use of a face mask in the ship’s public areas and in the terminal. We recommend bringing your own face masks. If necessary, masks can also be purchased at check-in and can also be added and paid for in advance by contacting our sales service.

To ensure a safe cruise, there will be a covid-testing point next to the Turku terminal. A test tent will be set up in the bus car park, to which passengers must go if they do not have a digital EU corona certificate or an equivalent certificate from a healthcare professional. After testing and receiving proof of a negative test result the passenger can go to the passenger terminal.

The test point is open on Saturday 4.9. 4.30pm-8.15pm
The Antigen testing takes about 15–30 minutes, so please arrive at the port in time!

If you have the digital EU corona certificate (= certificate of two corona vaccinations taken at least 14 days before departure, certificate of corona disease which you have fully recovered from within 6 months or certificate of corona test result taken up to 48 hours before departure) or other equivalent certificate from a healthcare professional, you can go directly to the passenger terminal, where the certificates are checked at the terminal door.


Q: Will a certificate other than the EU digital corona certificate be accepted so that there is no need to go for a rapid test in port?
A: EU digital corona certificate accepted as certificate (= certificate of two coroner vaccinations taken at least 14 days before departure, certificate of coronavirus disease within 6 months from which the person has fully recovered, or certificate of corona test result taken no more than 48 hours before departure) or other official certificate (paper or digital) from your own healthcare provider / organization that issued or tested the vaccine

Q: Is a certificate for one vaccine enough, or should two vaccinations be taken to avoid a test in port?
A: You must have a certificate of two vaccines taken at least 14 days before the trip (EU digital corona certificate or paper certificate from health care) so that you do not have to go for a rapid test in port. If you have only one vaccination taken, you will need to take a quick test at the port to set off.

Q: Can I refuse to show a corona certificate or corona test in port?
A: Without either a corona certificate or the quick test at the port, with a negative result, you will unfortunately not be able to take part in this cruise

Q: What if the test taken at the terminal is positive?
A: If your test result is positive, you will receive additional instructions from the testers for further action. (e.g., self-quarantine, avoiding social contact, contacting your hospital district for follow-up, etc.) With a positive test result, you naturally cannot go on a journey. In this case, the port will also provide additional instructions on how you can get your money back from the trip.

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